Merchant Services Options for your Mobile Device

Merchant services for your cell phone or other mobile device allow you to manage your business completely from your device. There was a time when you needed an old-fashioned cash register and a storefront to run a small business. You can skip the storefront and the cash register when you apply merchant service options to your mobile device.

Step #1: Do You Have The Right Device?

Your cell phone or tablet may be easy to use, but it may not be current enough for your merchant service account. You must work with the company that provides your merchant services to make sure your cell phone or mobile device is compatible with their service. If the company uses a mobile app, you must make sure that the app is available for your device.

Step #2: Download The App

make sure to download the application for your mobile device

There is an application just for the merchant service you choose to use. This app is no larger or smaller than other apps, and it will work just like other apps on your phone.

You do not need to have technical expertise to operate this software. Every mobile app comes with a help window that offers information on using the app.

Step #3: Extra Equipment

Your cell phone or mobile device requires extra equipment if you want to accept credit cards or debit cards. There are small credit card swiping devices that attach to the USB port on your device.

You open the app, swipe the credit card and the credit card information is processed through the merchant service account. Debit cards will ask for a pin that customers can enter on your phone privately, and credit cards will request a signature that customers can enter with a stylus.

Step #4: Checks

You can take checks with this service in the same manner as credit cards. You use the camera on your phone or table to take a picture of the check. The check can be processed through the merchant service immediately. If you are processing the checks through your bank, your bank may have an app that allows you to process checks through your device.

Step #5: Keep Records

Your merchant service account keeps track of all transactions for you, and these records can be printed from a laptop or personal computer. These records help you reconcile your invoices at the end of the month. You do not need to reread receipts from a register because the app provides this information in a separate window.

Using merchant account services through your phone allows you to manage your business without need of a register or storefront. You may teach private music lessons, tutor students or do traveling sales. All these pursuits are made easier with mobile merchant account solutions.

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