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The Benefits of Using a Credit Card Reader

Maybe you've been in business for years, and maybe you're just starting out, but either way, you've got a business that you can grow, cherish, and love. Speaking of growing businesses, how do you let your customers pay for goods? I'm sure you let them pay with cash, but what about credit cards? Do you let them use a credit card reader, or do you have your employees type in their information? Not even sure about what credit card readers are? Keep reading to find out.

What Are They?

Credit card readers scan the magnetic strip located on the back of your credit card used to make a purchase. That's it. You have the traditional stationary credit card reader located at the register, but there are other types of readers available, such as:

Paypal Credit Card Reader
Mobile Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader for Android/iPhone
So? Who cares, you say? Well I can give you seven reasons as to why you should care about how your customers pay.

1. Credit Card Swipers are Protected Swiping means avoiding writing down information for a credit card onto a piece of paper to be shred later. Readers keep your customer's card safe and has additional safeguards to encrypt card information quickly.

2. Swiping a Credit Card is Fast It's quicker to swipe than manually typing in a credit card number. Time is money, and the faster your customers can swipe their card, the faster you can make money for your business.

3. Credit Swiping is Foolproof Credit card numbers consists of 16 digits, which means employees have 16 chances to mess up your number when keying it in. A credit card reader solves the problem.

4. Readers Show Your Professional Side It can unnerve customers to watch someone manually type in their credit card number. It looks like you don't want to invest time in protecting your customer's information when you don't have one.

5. A Card Reader is Cheaper Than a Full Terminal Full and wireless terminals are useful and have their place, but you don't need all of that just to swipe a card. Terminals can be bulky, have service fees, and need reprogramming, all of which costs money. They're is easier and cheaper to have and use.

6. They're Compact Typical card swipers are an inch high, four inches long, and weigh about half a pound. They can work from various angles and can be attached to any workstation. With a mobile credit card reader, Paypal credit card reader, and a credit card reader for android/iPhone, Bluetooth card readers can be carried in a pocket.

7. They'll Get You Lower Credit Card Processing Rates The bottom line is that they save money. Per-transaction fees are charged after every transaction, and having a credit card swiper can reduce the cost each time, saving you lots of money in the long run.

We hope you found this information useful. Now it should seem like a no-brainer on deciding whether to get one or not. Keep it in mind as you continue to grow and expand your company. Good luck!